Start with a strategy
Creating an extraordinary Web site demands:

  • a grasp of your audience
  • outstanding content and design
  • appropriate use of technology
  • visually appealing graphics and
  • a thoughtful strategy to fuse it
    all together

Here’s how we’ll work with you:

IDENTIFY, UNDERSTAND AND ADDRESS USER NEEDS: You can’t meet a need if you don’t know what it is.

CREATE CONTENT: Web site text is often relegated to the bottom of the priority list, despite the fact that strong, relevant content is the cornerstone of any marketing effort. We put it at the top of our list and keep it there.

DEVELOP A SITE MAP/ARCHITECTURE: This is essentially an organizational chart that shows the Web site’s sections and individual pages. Our goal? Keep it simple!

DESIGN THE PAGE: We then integrate content (text, diagrams, photography, illustration, etc.) into the discrete sections and pages of the site, making sure they all work seamlessly.

BUILD THE NAVIGATION MENU: A polished and simple interface that is flexible and scalable for future content keeps users on your site once they arrive and simplifies navigation.

DEVELOP PROGRAMS/APPLICATIONS: Our engineers are not only adept at developing specific software solutions, but seeing the bigger picture and offering options that you might not have considered.

CHOOSE KEY WORDS: Meta tags help search engines identify your site and drive users to it.  We’ll help you choose the most effective ones and then monitor and analyze their use.

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