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The Web is a powerful merchandising tool that can reach millions of buyers in seconds. Whether your line runs from one product or one thousand, your site can be a trouble-free sales machine if it’s well designed and implemented flawlessly.

We make sure this efficient service is convenient for both you and your customers, offered in a secured business environment.  For example, we can turn “just looking” visitors into buyers with easy interfaces that make the shopping experience quick and easy.

On the other hand, you need “quick and easy” too, so we’ll help you set up shop and manage merchandise with custom applications that simplify such tasks as tracking inventory, servicing the customer and analyzing data.

DESIGN AND DISPLAY: A picture is worth a thousand words, good or bad, depending on how well your merchandise is displayed on the screen. We’ll make sure your products are shown in the best light through careful “window dressing” that lets shoppers pick and click with assurance that what they see is what they’ll get.

DOLLARS AND SENSE: Shopping online should be low in frustration and high in satisfaction, so we provide intuitive navigation, simplified instructions and clear protocols to minimize the abandon rate and maximize sales.

COST INTEGRATION: Automatically calculate sales taxes and shipping charges to speed the sales process and eliminate confusion. We can do both based on parameters that YOU define.

PAYMENT INTEGRATION: We offer standard payment systems to capitalize on transactions and cash flow, reduce merchant “charge backs” and give users familiar payment options that provide a level of comfort and trust.

SHIPPING INTEGRATION: Do you want to integrate shipping with companies like UPS, Federal Express and others? We can provide that option along with tracking protocols that give you and your customers up-to-date data.

TESTING AND QUALITY CONTROL: We always provide a prototype Web site on a private server for review and testing before your site goes live. In fact, all aspects of your site, including e-commerce and backend integration are fully tested and evaluated to assure quality.

SECURITY: Some Web users are still skittish about security, with good reason. We can provide high-grade encryption, passwords and access control so that you and your customers feel safe in an e-commerce environment.

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